Righteous Deception

9780275969530_p0_v2_s260x420Righteous Deception:
German Officers Against Hitler
by David Johnson
ISBN: 978-0275969530

A Timeless True Story of Incredible Courage and Sacrifice

Accomplished Germans in positions of power recognized Hitler as a murderous dictator who needed to be stopped, and gave their lives in order to make it happen. This story needs to be told, and Johnson tells it well, suspensefully, thoughtfully, and in rich detail. Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the German intelligence service (the Abwehr), Colonel Alexis von Renne, head of the German military intelligence service (western theatre), Canaris’ assistant Hans von Oster, high-ranking officers Rommel and Claus von Stauffenberg, Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer and other members of the “Schwarze Kapelle” underground made the ultimate sacrifice and change the course of history.

Many American lives, including quite likely that of my father, a WWII vet who arrived at Normandy a few days after D-day, were saved as a result. This book illuminates an important narrative, a vital and noble chapter of history that is not sufficiently known to wider audiences. Reading this book was therefore not only an exciting read, but an act of homage to individuals acting with moral courage in a mad, perilous time.


GSD, M.D. is a medical doctor and psychiatrist, specializing in the psychology of resilience, personal courage, and renewal.

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